(Z)-2-[[[(2-amino-4-thiazolyl)[[(2S,3S)-2-[(2-methyl-4-oxo-1- sulfo-3-azetidinyl)carbammyl]methylene]amino]oxy]-2-methylpropionic acid 

Appearance: White powder

Molecular Formula:C13H17N5O8S2

Molecular weight:435.43

Purity:≥98% (HPLC)

D[25℃] : -26 ~ -32 


Related information of Aztreonam
Aztreonam is a monobactam (monocyclic beta-lactam nucleus) antibiotic. It has side chains for activity enhencing and stability. It inhibits cell wall biosynthesis by binding to penicillin-binding protein of aerobic gram-negative bacilli. It has very active and broad spectrum activity against aerobic-gram negative bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Hemophilus influenzae, Enterobacteriaceae, and Neisseria gonorrhea;  This spectrum is similar to the 3rd generation cephalosporins or aminoglycosides. As it has limited activity to only aerobic-gram negative bacteria, it is used in combination with gram-positive bacteria anaerobes sometimes. It is frequently used in patients unable to tolerate beta-lactams.It is resistant to beta-lactamases and is useful against gram-negative pathogens. The chemical designation is
 2-[(Z-(2)-Aminothiazol-4-yl)-2-[(2S,3S)-2-methyl-4-oxo-1-sulfoazetidin -3-yl-carbamoyl]methyleneaminooxy]-2- methyl-1-propanoic acid. It is a white crystalline powder, odorless. Commercial aztreonam is the mixture with arginine (apprx 4:3).

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